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Women Empowerment

Registered Charity

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Registered Organization

in Cameroon

Number 1 in

Women Empowerment

Registered Charity

in Cameroon


Education is The Key

Education is the key to a brighter future


Changing Dynamics In a Stagnant World

Bridging the Gaps & Bringing Development to the People



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When grassroots women get involved and speak out about what their problems are, the solutions are bound to come out without stress. Bridgers gets them on board, we let them prioritize their needs and the challenges faced. This is need based assessment!  

Women & Leadership



Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Agriculture & Environmental Education

Agriculture improves socio-economic life

Human Rights & Citizenship

Human Rights and Citizenship are central notions on the advancement of every society, that’s why in women empowerment we incorporate these notions. Sensitizing and educating the communities to get them acquainted with key and core values that propels them get to become law abiding citizens contributing the growth of the nation. We envision a society where every citizen knows his or her rights and can do the right thing at the right time.

Bridgers achieve this through the organization of awareness raising campaigns, workshops, talks etc.

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Our Mission

To Empower Women/Girls Through Advocacy and Attain a Gender Balance.

The above mission presupposes that we are Nurturing women’s Self-Esteem to Realize their Full Potentials and by so doing, we help minimize gender based violence (GBV). This is in line with SDG’s 5 and 10 on gender equality and reduced inequalities.

African women can considerably contribute in the continents development through economic, political and social development but we still need to provide adequate support to their efforts.


Support IDPs in Cameroon

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Cameroon face many challenges. IDPs  are spread in many parts of Cameroon today as a result of the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon which has seen people in their thousands unwillingly leave their places of habitual residence to other towns and cities for safety.

Bridgers Association Cameroon as part of its humanitarian and solidarity principle has been identifying and working with some of these IDPs to find relief and comfort to them in the form of material/psycho-social and moral assistance. They do not only need food, water, toiletries, medical care etc but they equally need psycho-social and 

Word from the Coordinator

Thanks so much for visiting our website. I am humbled and most delighted to welcome you to this platform where you are introduced to our Charity Organization bent on advocacy and empowering women for development.
I guess you must have heard about women empowerment or must be used to the concept. Well, whatever the case, Bridgers Association Cameroon is a registered nonprofit Organization in Cameroon working on it.
You would probably want to know our plan for the 21st Century women! That’s why Bridgers was carefully co-founded in 2013 and got register in 2016 to carry out civil society actions that neatly bridge the gaps which impede the women folks from socio-economic and political development. Gender based violence has put most women in constant fear yet the Sustainable Development Goals needs to be achieved sooner than later.
From our work in the field, a lot of women/girls cry and testify in the background as being victims of torture and violence thus, needing some form of psycho-social and/or rehabilitation support. And this is what is most lacking. Women need to be empowered. This is the time, and the time is now!
On this basis therefore, I hereby launch a fervent appeal to your heart and conscience to join hands with Bridgers in a synergy to push and mature this vision and mission we embarked on. Be part of the change the world needs. Leave your footprints on the sands of time. #He for She#

“We are passionate in uplifting the inner beings of women by nurturing their self  esteem in order to defeat gender inequalities anytime everywhere around the world” 

”Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls”(SDG 5)

Our Team


Thanks for taking interest in Bridgers Association Cameroon.

For any inquiries, kindly contact us through Tel: (+237) 674662893 / (+237) 677334678 or email us through: