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It is a practice that impacts negatively on its victims, ranging from curtailed education to health risk and related problems.

Bridgers Association Cameroon with its multi dimensional staff looks forward to having the necessary support and funding in other to carry out and implements a series of projects aimed at curbing or minimizing the occurrence of this phenomena as child marriage is, and remain a big problem in Cameroon.

One of our staff (AZAH Jackline CHEY; Coordinator) worked on this area of the law in her Masters Degree (LL.M) Research Dissertation which was titled: “The Justice System and Early Child Marriage in Cameroon.”

And she identified many projects which are to be realised by Bridgers Association Cameroon in the area child marriage prevention as well as rehabilitating the victims of this barbaric slavery in the name of marriage which have many negative consequences than meets the eye.

Bridgers is therefore soliciting the assistance of good will person to support us realize some of these projects in other to safe this situation.


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