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There is a clarion international call to "BalanceForBetter" as the theme for the 2019 and 34th edition of International Women's Day goes. 
How can we innovate to better the balance? 
Who holds the keys to the scale? 
Here are the answers: Me; You; Anyone anywhere. It starts with the inner man, the inner most African woman is clouded; bitter in silence; threaten and frightened - leading to timidity and so she shies away and dies day after day in an agony of ignorance. Oooh! The solution is just one person talking to another and another talking to the other, so the dare devil is disappointed. Fellow women, I crave your indulgence, pick up the challenge and talk to at least just one woman, tell her that she is not worthless but worthy; that she is able and not disabled; that the world needs her contribution; and that she has what it takes and that the time is now!

I do believe and strongly that the magic key to countering Gender Inequality; Gender Based Violence (GBV) and pave a way for a Gender Balance and a Violence Against Women Free World, is NURTURING THE SELF CONFIDENCE OF GIRLS/WOMEN. In church encourage Her; In the Market give Her that push; at the stream tell Her something inspiring; in Her trauma and fear of the unknown tell Her she has Fundamental Rights well protected by the Law of which the world is very much aware. Leadership begins from the mind: becoming an entrepreneur; farmer or engage in any other economic/income generating activity all starts from the mind. The mind of a woman is the core to change; I therefore think we must all target the mindsets for all other changes/developments to follow. 
This is why Bridgers Association Cameroon for close to three years is focusing on empowering the female folk.

I am a survivor victim of low self-esteem and so I speak with authority. I had a cloud in my heart; mind and thoughts that killed every aspiration I may ever want to think of, I thought I was not worthy to be human, thanks to exposure to friends and just by strong words of optimism they redeemed me from the wilderness of hopelessness to a realistic world of opportunities in which I find myself today.
The little secret I have is this: In order to balance the Gender scale, women must love and defend women; they must end violence against our fellow women. Women must stand tall to caution their fellow women to end the violence on another woman. All our concentrated actions will bring the men/boys down to join our actions, and so the scale would eventually be balanced.

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