JURIST/POET – She holds a Masters degree (LL.M) in International law from the University of Yaounde II. Expert in the Social Works domain as she has volunteered with MAHSRA Organization in Bamenda as well as the Muslim Students Association Bamenda (MUSAB) NGO before becoming the Coordinator of Bridgers Association Cameroon, an Association she Co-founded in 2013 haven been motivated during her Masters Degree research in the area of Child Marriage. She is a Human Rights Activist and Advocate for Child Protection. This Jurist and contemporary Poet is particularly bitter on issues of early child marriage and other forms of violence against women that have permanently kept the women folk in the background. Particularly so and even more because she carried out her Masters Degree research and defended in this area of the Law. She is passionate, hardworking and enthusiastic about her work. Read her story and her life which is an Inspiration to others, published and read world wide in many plateforms, HERE