Our team is dynamic and flexible with practical experience, sound educational backgrounds and dedicated to work for the advancement of human and community development in its entirety.


JURIST/POET – She holds a Masters degree (LL.M) in International law from the University of Yaounde II. Expert in the Social Works domain as she has volunteered with MAHSRA Organization in Bamenda as well as the Muslim Students Association Bamenda (MUSAB) NGO before becoming the Coordinator of Bridgers Association Cameroon, an Association she Co-founded in 2013 haven been motivated during her Masters Degree research in the area of Child Marriage.

She is a Human Rights Activist and Advocate for Child Protection. This Jurist and contemporary Poet is particularly bitter on issues of early child marriage and other forms of violence against women that have permanently kept the women folk in the background. Particularly so and even more because she carried out her Masters Degree research and defended in this area of the Law. She is passionate, hardworking and enthusiastic about her work. Read her story and her life which is an Inspiration to others, published and read world wide in many plateforms, HERE

Abai Victor Asondo (PR & Communication)

JURIST/PEDAGOGUE – Though a professional technical high school teacher of Office Automation, Victor has a background in Law, after many University Diplomas and Degrees in Law including a Masters Degree in International Law (LL.M) from the University of Yaounde II.

After a series of Internships and voluntary services with other NGO's, he co-founded and is currently working as Public Relations & Communication Officer at Bridgers Association Cameroon.

In the discharge of his duties, he firmly believes in the Inter-sectional lens in doing NGO work especially relating to women empowerment issues. He is a community mobilizer, public speaker & youth coach.

As  a teacher, he believes and advocates for quality education, women rights and believe in innovative changes for sustainable development. He works on the advancement and plight of physically challenged persons and the less privileged in Cameroon. 

Lusine Babakhanyan (International Volunteer)

CERTIFIED VISUAL ARTIST - She holds a Bachelor Degree  (B.A) of Arts in Sociology. Lusine is a Passionate Self-Taught Visionary Artist expressing her dream of serving humanity. She joined Bridgers Association Cameroon’s team as an International Volunteer to bring change in the world.

LusineArts only speaks from her HEART and SOUL. Her mission is to heal, serve and inspire you through the power of her Artwork. We live in a stressful world and by using art we can create a healing impact to our mind, body and soul.
She also loves to connect with others with whom they can share their amazing talents. Lusine dreams to travel around the world to spread love and kindness through the power of her art.

​*ART*INSPIRE*SERVE*TRAVEL is her motto that she lives by. Life is a BLESSING and SHE wants you to be part of this BLESSING. She equally believes in the philosophy that, “We came to this world for a reason, to be happy and enjoy the journey”.  Her loving kindness desire urged her to join the charity: Bridgers Association Cameroon in its mission to empower women & girls through advocacy so as to achieve gender equality.

Fombo Caroline (Advisory Board)

EDUCATIONIST - Madam Fombo Caroline is a seasoned trained educationist and administrator. She holds many University diplomas and Degrees in English Language from the University of Yaounde I, in Cameroon. She has demonstrated her desire for charity long even before being called to join the board at Bridgers Association Cameroon where she has since 2017 made giant steps especially supporting not only the drive to improve on the girl child education, but on the general activities and programs of Bridgers. As a wife and mother, she has personally taking care and is presently offering scholarships to many less privilege children including orphans both males and females.

This soft spoken but determined disciplinarian is passionate about the attainment of our mission and objectives knowing that they work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). She advocates for women empowerment through quality education for the girl child especially as an education stakeholder.

Rev. Prof. ANYAMBOD EMMANUEL ANYA (Advisory Board Member)

UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR – He is the Vice Chancellor of the American ICT University in Cameroon. Former Dean and pioneer Rector of the Protestant University of Central Africa.

This distinguished Professor is a seasoned multi-dimensional administrator and a member of several International and National bodies (also member of the Good Governance Program in Cameroon) with many awards and honours to his credit (also holder of the Medal of the Cameroon National Order of Valour). He is an expert on issues of Governance and a social critique.

AISHATU FABANI (Advisory Board Member)

PSYCHOLOGIST – Masters degree in Educational Psychology (M.Ed) and is a Child Advocate. She works extensively on issues affecting the Mbororo Indigenous children in Cameroon.

She is researching on pertinent issues affecting the Mbororo girl child and the women in general.

She is currently running the Aisha Fabani Foundation with focus on the Mbororo girls.

ERIC OGAR (Member)

PEDAGOGUE/JURIST – Bachelor degree in Law (LL.B) and a Trained Technical High School Teacher (PLET) in Cameroon.

He is an innovative thinker and a community mobilizer with the desire to diligently serve the under privilege with the over all objective of empowering for development. Eric Ogar has an extensive travel experience into the interior villages of particular the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Most of his movements into the suburbs have been during when he volunteers in one NGO or the other on different projects or when he is taking part in the Electoral process in Cameroon. He serve in the Electoral process in different capacities.

Eric is committed and passionate about changing the plight of the young generation through emphasize on the reading culture in other to achieve a change in attitudes and perspectives. He makes a positive appraisal of Bridgers edu. Project that focuses on promoting quality education and higher education for the girl child in Cameroon.

As a teacher by professional training and jurist through University studies, he is strict, straight forward, results oriented and pays attention to details.

BIH RENEE(Advisory Board Member)

 – Masters Degree in Tourism Management and Hospitality from the Eastern Mediterranean University North Cyprus and a Bachelor degree (LL.B) in English Law from the University of Yaounde II. She is a woman with interest in Tourism and sustainable Community Development. She is hardworking and perfect example to every girl and woman to emulate in the cause of women empowerment. She is capable of producing quality results with just the barest minimum resources made available.  


ENTREPRENEUR – She is a seasoned entrepreneur with a long experience in financial management and records keeping. She is a social mobilizer, for Florence, doing community and social work

Barrister ACHA Maclean Afoh (Legal Adviser)

BARRISTER AT LAW – Maitrise (Post-Graduate Diploma) in Business Law after his Bachelor Degree in Law (LL.B). He is a practicing Lawyer with the Cameroon Bar Association and has great legal expertise and defends moral and physical persons in multi-faceted dimensions. He is a perfectly Bilingual fellow from the University of Yaounde II.