Education is a fundamental right enshrined in almost if not all the International legal instruments and even in National laws, yet there is still adult illiteracy in Cameroon. I mean people who cannot read nor write even just their names. This was as a result of a study conducted by BRIDGERS ASSOCIATION in Cameroon recently.

In our own way, we thought of bringing a change in the lives of some reasonable adults who are making a difference by attending an adult school (FUNCTIONAL LITERACY SCHOOL ALAMATSOM) located at the outskirts of Bamenda town. Bracing the odds of their ages and challenges, these adults ranging between the ages of 30-58 put themselves as low as nursery school children to learn the skills of reading, writing and basic calculations.

As a form of encouragement and innovation, BRIDGERS visited this school during which we met with a cross section of the learners and instructor, we donated an ICT tool (laptop) to them as our own contribution and special support to such a mindset changing initiative by the instructor of this institution Mrs. Anye Elizabeth who has been running the school voluntarily with no salary or motivation from anywhere since 2014. We so much admired such an idea for as the saying goes “learning never ends”.

When we met with them, they indicated their numerous challenges both as learners and even their voluntary teacher. For their teacher, it is a huge sacrifice she is making to prepare and teach these learners with no payment coming from anywhere especially as her learners do not pay fees too, even didactic materials are her sole responsibility, she takes care of her transportation to and from school.

On the part of the learners, they are happy and enthusiastic about studying in order to make a great contribution in their communities as well as their personal lives when they will be able to read and write. However, for them, the task is challenging but not impossible, they said being a mother or father with their responsibilities and again as an adult learning those very basic and elementary subjects its very challenging, talk less of spending time learning the sounds of the alphabet.

BRIDGERS ASSOCIATION, as it seeks to promote education and research, felt that we should put hands together to support the adult literacy venture and so donated this computer as step one of their project geared towards the introduction of adult learners into the world of modern communication technology which is a great facilitating tool today for learning more so because it attracts attention.

Our presence alone in their classroom elated them greatly and they welcome the initiative with warmness and pleasant surprise.