Our goal in this program is to see communities where every woman/girls can independently sustain themselves in all dimensions and achieve SDG number 6


“Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights. Its impact ranges from immediate to long-term multiple physical, sexual and mental consequences for women and girls, including death. It negatively affects women’s general well-being and prevents women from fully participating in society. Violence not only has negative consequences for women but also their families, the community and the country at large. It has tremendous costs, from greater health care and legal expenses and losses in productivity, impacting national budgets and overall development”

Girl Education

There is enormous efforts to achieve gender parity in terms of access to education, but today more than 34 million girls are out of school and nearly 500 million women are unable to read or write.

Bridgers Edu. 2017/2018 has placed lot of effort on quality education for the girl child. This program which has been creating impact n the lives of girls in schools in the South West region has been greatly appreciated in each school Bridgers team has been to. The anxiety is high as our team of Counselors resource persons wait eager for yet another rendez-vous. Join us even by email: info@bridgersngo.org and get the details or fund a program.


Bridgers on advocacy & capacity building mission, meeting young women within the rural communities, talking with them and taking their views on an income generating agricultural activity which can improve their lives in a sustainable manner. This is in line with one of our program #Women and agriculture which is geared towards the attainment of SDG numbers 1, 2 & 5. ##Support Bridgers in this endeavour##  http://www.bridgersngo.org

Send us an email at info@bridgersngo.org


If Motivated And Encouraged Women Will Thrive In Their Endeavours


Our interest in women empowerment stems from the fact that after a long time of efforts concentrated towards getting women empowered,IMG-20180308-WA0023 the situation seems to have changed or be changing but the altitudes or the mentalities of the society seem to be on a slow pase if not stagnant.

Though time is passing fast, women are yet to be treated on equal basis with men. Equality is still a far fetch dream though there is much talk about it.

Looking at the political and economic problems we are facing in Africa from the “sad reality” of women empowerment; Women in Africa constitute more than 50% of the African population and this is the reason why Africa is one of the poorest continent in the world because most women are not given the same opportunities to receive any form of education or employment. What we do not realize is that if more women were given the same opportunities as men then Africa will not face high rates of poverty and illiteracy.

Stop Early Child Marriage

One thing noticed is that child marriage is still a retarding factor in our African countries and this is holding back our African women from contributing to our economic growth. Research shows that a chunk of girls below the age of 18 years often face marriage at the expense of their education, health and social aspirations. Another disturbing issue is the strong traditional norms and roles attributed to girls and women as well as gender-based violence which keep on playing negatively on African women to retrograde every time there is a sign of any form of progress. Bridgers as an organization concerned with bridging the gender parity  and reducing violence against women especially in rural communities, we are convince on the above basis that by adding our voice and efforts toward this direction, some degree of equality would be achieved.

In many African countries, girls and women are not given unrestricted access to education, political and economic opportunities. How do we expect to start competing with the Americans and Europeans if we do not give our girls and women opportunities that place them at the same competing levels as our male counterparts? African women can considerably contribute in the continents development through economic, political and social development but we still need to provide adequate support to their efforts.

This, Bridgers through its competent staff and collaborators as well as partners would be constant as the means provide in the organization of training and capacity building workshops aimed at sensitizingIMG-20180308-WA0032 the general public and relevant stakeholders on the need of empowering and accepting women as competent agents of change at all levels. As well as carrying out awareness campaigns and empowerment workshops for women.

We at Bridgers join women the world over to celebrate the International Women’s day beginning with a week long activities geared towards awareness creation, sensitization and capacity building workshops that will better the woman and place her at her well deserved place in the society.

A woman should be able to make a great difference in not only her home but in the society as a whole, be it in politics, business, agriculture or every other profession.

Support a woman now if you can.


Women are jewels, created with special features to do special things for a change.
The time has come for women to see what is the problem around them that need to be solved.
As a woman, you should have a vision that relates to what you want to see happening in your life in 10 years to come.
Defining your vision is the starting point of your success .
For the fact that you’re a mother doesn’t stop you from becoming who you want to become.
Nothing can limit a man except you want to be limited.

For you thrive in vision , you need these basic life skills. Which are:
– Self knowledge skills : that is to know who you are ,who you can become, where you belong and how you can excel in life;
– Work skills;
– Problem solving skills: learn about your rights
– Communication skills: this one is so important, the way you put it is what matter and its whats capable of bringing the difference in each particular case.
– Relationship skills: how to get along with others, respect their individualities and strengths, as well as understanding their weaknesses and needs;
– Money managing skills: That is to be able to do simple maths, but handle money, budget, spend and save wisely for sustainability.

It is time for us women to become a voice in our family, community and nations.
She should become multitasks , enough is enough for us to allow men treat us because they earned money.
Lets us be entrepreneurs and industrious.
I believe in you .
If he brings $100 ,we will bring $50 .
We don’t need a man to succeed but we need God to succeed.
Men please stop maltreating women because your take of them . You should instead be happy that God gave you a helper and a friend.

Men must work hand in gloves with women for sustainable development and the SDGs to be attained.

Bridgers Association Cameroon is always ready at all times to push women forward. This issue is a collective task that jointly we are sure of positive results.
##Mirror of yourself##


– Stop Early Child Marriage

-Women in technology



For women all over the world to fully understand their human rights and enjoy them subject to their obligations, it has to start with men. Men must be made to fully understand the human rights as well as the obligations of women.

If women would have to learn about their human rights clearly spelled out to them by men in sincerity and love, then they will be relieved of the burden of gender inequality because they are now fully supported and protected.

Child/ Early/Forced Marriage: A Barbaric Practice

It is a practice that impacts negatively on its victims, ranging from curtailed education to health risk and related problems.

Bridgers Association Cameroon with its multi dimensional staff looks forward to having the necessary support and funding in other to carry out and implements a series of projects aimed at curbing or minimizing the occurrence of this phenomena as child marriage is, and remain a big problem in Cameroon.

One of our staff (AZAH Jackline CHEY; Coordinator) worked on this area of the law in her Masters Degree (LL.M) Research Dissertation which was titled: “The Justice System and Early Child Marriage in Cameroon.”

And she identified many projects which are to be realised by Bridgers Association Cameroon in the area child marriage prevention as well as rehabilitating the victims of this barbaric slavery in the name of marriage which have many negative consequences than meets the eye.

Bridgers is therefore soliciting the assistance of good will person to support us realize some of these projects in other to safe this situation.


Bridgers & UN Global Compact

Help Empower Women Through One of These Principles

All businesses stand to benefit from greater equality for women. We invite you to adopt the Women’s Empowerment Principles – joining over 1,800 other business leaders around the world who have done so.

You can use these Principles to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. Subtitled Equality Means Business, the Principles emphasize the business case for corporate action to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Take action across all seven Principles:

These principles are the result of collaboration between the UN Global Compact and UN Women, and are adapted from the Calvert Women’s Principles®. They are informed by real-life business practices and input gathered from across the globe. These Principles also can inform other stakeholders, including governments, as they engage with business.


Don't Neglect a Child Because she is a Girl!

Every woman anywhere in the world has the potentials, what is lacking is just the self esteem. Instill in your children that esteem from childhood, it will go a long way. Make your girl child brave, tell and remind her that she is important always, tell her she is a citizen of the universe and so the world needs her contributions. This will give them the sense of purpose and belonging. Thence, the commitment.